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"I would like people to go back to living in harmony with nature and their own bodies, and distance themselves from the poisons and bad eating habits that are typical of our time: habits that are detrimental to our health."

This is the philosophy of Giorgio Serbanescu, the founder of Scappi’s, an ethical company that promotes the quality and excellence of our Italian products. In order to pursue his dream, the businessman has brought together a team of experts in design and ethical manufacturing. The result of their work is the Olympia project; Introducing their first line of Italian antique green glass oil dispensers, 17oz.Watch the Spot

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The exclusive ergonomic and elegant oil bottle: preciously designed to bring elegance to your table, always at hand for dressing salads, side dishes and entrées.

"Olympia" emerges from the great Italian olive-growing tradition which produces some of the world’s favourite oils.

To fully appreciate the quality of the oil, it is essential to preserve and pour it in the best way possible.

This is why "Olympia" comes with a shiny golden air-tight top, called the Star Cap, which is put together with a precision system.

The special pourer, made from natural cork and prime quality "Obelix" steel, is a jewel of style and practicality, ideal for dosing the finest olive oils according to your own personal taste.


Olive oil sings too

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It’s not only wine that sings, olive oil sings too, it lives in us with its ripe light and among the good things of the earth

I set apart olive oil, your ever-flowing peace, your green essence, your heaped-up treasure which descends in streams from the olive tree.

Pablo Neruda *

* Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto (12 July 1904 – 23 September 1973), better known by his pen name and, later, legal name Pablo Neruda, was a Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet-diplomat and politician. Neruda became known as a poet when he was 13 years old, and wrote in a variety of styles, including surrealist poems, historical epics, overtly political manifestos, a prose autobiography, and passionate love poems such as the ones in his collection Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1924). He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.


" During the course of my profession, which is massaging, I realised that what I needed was a jar or container that would help me pour the oil in a more appropriate and balanced way. Plastic jars were a problem because they easily tipped over and glass ones either had poor quality pourers or it was too difficult to apply them to the glass jar. It was a riddle and I couldn’t find the right jar with the right pourer. When I met Giorgio and he spoke to me of Olympia, I thought it could be the ideal object for my job. He brought me the first bottle and from that day onwards I have never let it go. In fact, I have recommended it to my colleagues who work in the wellness field. I find it very useful. It is pretty, elegant and professional, with just the right consistency. I can leave it on the massage table because it doesn’t tip over thanks to its weight, which was a thing that often happened with all the other containers that I had used. The pourer, which is natural and without added glues on the stainless steel and cork parts, has no chemical treatments. This is undoubtedly a most important aspect because I buy quality oils. Obviously, I like to put these oils in quality containers and pourers too so that there are no chemical substances and the quality of the oils are maintained. I thank Giorgio very much and also his Olympia product which is outstanding in quality. "

  • Maricela Alapizco
  • Naturopath, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist

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